Blazing Fast Hosting Speeds

Providing a Seamless Experience with Amazing Performance and Incredible Connection Speeds.

Greater Stability

Faster Transfer Speeds

No Delays

Increased Security

Speed and Reliability as a Priority

Experience unprecedented speeds and hosting you can trust with Hostwinds.

Our speed is unparalleled in the hosting industry! We understand the importance of speed when it comes to web hosting, and have made this a top priority. Each of our services is provisioned with a 1Gbps redundant network connection, connected through several Tier 1 upstream providers.

Hostwinds has tailored every one of our services with performance in mind. We provide our clients with a fantastic hosting experience by offering remarkably fast network speeds.

Speedometer and Hostwinds services

Designed with Speed in Mind

Every facet of Hostwinds infrastructure is designed and tailored with speed and security in mind.

SSD Drives

By utilizing solid state drives with rapid read and write speeds, we can offer faster-performing servers to host your site's important information. This results in a seamless experience for your visitors.

Latest Versions of PHP

We always make sure all of our environments have access to the latest versions of PHP.

Litespeed Webserver

Our Business Hosting servers perform optimally while remaining secure and scalable because we utilize Litespeed. It utilizes fewer resources and offers greater speeds.

Cloudflare's CDN

We have partnered with Cloudflare to provide all of our clients easy access to Cloudflare's CDN. Cloudflare reduces the distance between your visitors and your server, resulting in faster load times.

Route Optimized Networking

We ensure the fastest route to your service is always selected by regularly scanning our outbound network paths and choosing the most optimal upstream path to route your traffic.

Constant Monitoring

Hostwinds provides the best, most reliable services because we continuously monitor every aspect of our network and infrastructure, resolving issues immediately and expediently.