Commitment to Uptime

Hostwinds Guarantees 99.9999% Uptime so Your Service is Always Accessible!

Effective Redundancy

Ultimate Security

Friendliness Guarantee

Trust in Hostwinds to Keep Your Site Online

We're so confident that your service will always be online, we offer a 99.9999% Uptime Guarantee.

Hostwinds continuously monitors all aspects of our infrastructure and employs thorough redundancy at every level. All this ensures that your service is always available.

Rest assured your site will be ready to greet any visitor at any time as a result of our 99.9999% guarantee.

Up Arrows and Speedometer

Designed with Speed in Mind

Our team takes special measures to maintain our 99.9999% uptime guarantee.


We utilize a redundant array of independent enterprise disks to store your important data safely.


We employ redundant cooling systems to maintain smooth machine functionality constantly.

A + B Networks

We provide redundant networking to enhance your site's performance and reliability.

Redundant Power

We wire our servers with multiple power sources to make sure that your website always stays online.