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What They Are

What Is A Private Nameserver

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What They Are

If you own or control a domain and have it registered with Hostwinds, there is a type of search called a WHOIS search that can reveal certain types of information about a domain. One of the details revealed in this manner includes your domain's "Nameservers." This is not a security threat or a bad thing, but some may wish to hide these using Private (custom) Nameservers. But what is a private nameserver? This article is going to help answer that question.

What They Are

A private (custom) nameserver is a nameserver created with a domain you control to replace nameservers given to you from your host. You can also use a private nameserver to use a self-hosted DNS Server. These are made to create a higher level of customization for domain owners. They can provide further branding for your domain. You can create a custom nameserver based on any domain you control registered at Hostwinds using our guide on Creating Private Nameservers.

If your domain is registered elsewhere, consult with your registrar on how they allow for private nameservers. They may refer to this concept as "SOA" nameservers, "Custom" nameservers, "Private" nameservers, or something different entirely.

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  June 5, 2021