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Definition of Files Icons

Tags: cPanel 

The Files section in cPanel houses a collection of options that all deal with your website's files.

This article will briefly review the options that are available in the cPanel Files section.

A web-based File Manager.

This interface will allow you to manage images that are saved on your account.

You can use this interface to set a password to protect certain directories that are on your account.

Here you can monitor your account's available disk space.

Using this interface, you can create a Web Disk account to manage files associated with your account.

This interface allows you to add, manage and view FTP accounts.

View and terminate currently active FTP connections to your website(s).

Download a full or partial backup of your cPanel account.

This allows you to create Full/Partial backups of your Site/Sites.

Written by Michael Brower  /  June 22, 2017