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Definition of Security Icons In cPanel

Tags: cPanel 

The Security section in cPanel allows you to keep your site protected and secure from a wide variety of potential threats.

In this article, we will briefly cover each option that is available via this interface.

IP Blocker:  You can use this interface to block access to your site based on IP address.

SSL/TLS:  You can manage most aspects of your SSL, from generating a CSR to installing an SSL certificate.

Hotlink Protection: You can use this interface to protect your site from other sites directly linking to your content, such as your files.

Leech Protection: With this interface, you can prevent users from giving out their passwords to a restricted area of your website.

SSL/TLS Wizard: This allows you to easily purchase and install SSL certificates for domains on your account. It also lists purchased certificates that an SSL certificate provider has yet to deliver.

SSL/TLS Status: This allows you to view, upgrade, or renew your Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. You can also view useful information about each domain's SSL certificate.

Written by Michael Brower  /  June 22, 2017