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My Statistics Panel Looks Different

cPanel Definitions of the Stats Panel

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My Statistics Panel Looks Different

The Statistics panel in cPanel is a collection of various stats from your cPanel account. This panel's location can vary depending on which cPanel theme and the version you're using. However, this panel is located on the right side of your cPanel interface in the Basic theme. Let's take a look at the different stats that display in that panel.

  1. Total number of Addon domains
  2. Total number of Autoresponders
  3. Bandwidth utilized
  4. Disk usage for Mailing Lists
  5. Disk usage for MySQL databases
  6. Overall Disk usage
  7. Total number of Email Accounts
  8. Number of Email Filters
  9. Number of Forwarders
  10. Total FTP Accounts on your account
  11. Total number of Mailing Lists
  12. Current number of MySQL databases
  13. Total number of Subdomains

My Statistics Panel Looks Different

There is a good possibility that your statistics panel will look slightly different. Your panel may look like this, in which case, there is a description of what the terms mean.

  1. The Total Automatic Responding Email address on the cPanel account
  2. The bandwidth that has been used for the website (monthly)
  3. The Disk space that is currently used for the Mailing Lists on the account
  4. Disk Space used by the MySQL Databases
  5. All the files and folders use disk Space on the account. This would include your E-Mail storage.
  6. Total number of email accounts on the cPanel account
  7. A total number of email filters on the cPanel account. This includes both Global Filters and individual email filters.
  8. Total Amount of email forwarders on the cPanel account.
  9. Total number of FTP accounts that are created on the cPanel account
  10. The current CPU Usage of the cPanel account
  11. Current Input / Output (I/O) Usage on the cPanel account. This is for reading and writing files.
  12. Current Input / Output Operations per second.
  13. The number of entry processes or PHP Scripts that are running can be running at a single moment on the cPanel account.
  14. The current amount of Physical Memory (RAM) that is currently used on the account
  15. Total Processes that are running at the given moment.
  16. INodes used on the cPanel account. This would be the total of both files and folders on the account.
  17. Total number of Mailing Lists
  18. The total number of MySQL Databases on the account
  19. Total Number of subdomains that are on the cPanel account.

If you should have any questions about your statistics panel or would like assistance, please contact us through Live Chat or by submitting a ticket with our Technical Support team.

Written by Michael Brower  /  June 23, 2017