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How do I Configure my ProFTPd or PureFTPd Server?

FTP Server Configuration Guide

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How do I Configure my ProFTPd or PureFTPd Server?

This guide will walk you through FTP server configuration, showing you how to choose and customize your FTP server's actions by walking you through Pro and Pure-FTPd configuration.

How do I Configure my ProFTPd or PureFTPd Server?

  1. Login to WHM
  2. Head to Home > Service Configuration > FTP Server Configuration
    1. You can also enter the word "service" into the search box
  1. In the first dropdown next to TLS Encryption Support, choose the setting you want:
    a. Optional – Lets the user determine TLS Encryption use
    b. Required (Command) – TLS Encryption will be required
    c. Required (Command/Data) – TLS Encryption will be required, including on data transferred via the FTP server
  1. Choose the list for the SSL/TLS into the TLS Cipher Suite textbox
    a. Note: A standard format list
    b. Only should be changed if needed to be PCI Compliant
  2. Choose whether the user can anonymously log in to the FTP server.
  1. Please choose how many minutes the FTP connection can sit idle before automatically disconnecting from the server and input it here.
  2. Set Maximum Number of FTP Connections in the text with the total amount of connections allowed
  3. Set Maximum Connections Per IP
  4. Click the Save button

Written by Michael Brower  /  December 13, 2016