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An Overview of the Cloudflare Plugin

How to Use the Cloudflare Plugin on Wordpress

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An Overview of the Cloudflare Plugin

An Overview of the Cloudflare Plugin

Cloudflare is an industry-leading high-performance CDN provider with hundreds of data centers worldwide. It caches websites in each of these data center locations, providing quicker load times for users as well as additional protection from DDoS attacks.

Wordpress Solutions

Unoptimized Wordpress sites can be prone to slow loading times. However, the CMS platform provides access to several plugins that can clear your server's cache or connect to CDN services, one of these being Cloudflare. Cloudflare offers a tailored Wordpress plugin that you can use to speed up your website considerably.

The plugin connects with the free Cloudflare CDN plan but does not stop there. The plugin provides automatic platform optimization(APO) using proprietary networks, offers one-click wordpress optimization to resize images and inline CSS files. It can be set to automatically purge an old server cache making sure all current site content distributes effectively.

If you already use any of Cloudflare's paid plans, they provide additional firewall rulesets built to protect from WordPress-specific threats and vulnerabilities.

The Cloudflare Wordpress plugin can:

  • Increase security and repel attacks on your website
  • Improve performance by adapting
  • Add applications to websites
  • Show deep analysis from requests to website
  • Automatically configure itself by determining which objects are static and which are cacheable
  • Create bridges between IPv6 and IPv4
  • Be used with a single-click SSL installation

If you need instructions on installing the plugin on a Cloud server with cPanel, please follow this step-by-step guide, Setting up CloudFlare inside cPanel Guide.

Note that the amount of traffic on a site at any given time will affect how smoothly your site runs, and the goal of most websites is to gain more traffic. If your site is growing and your traffic is increasing, that may be wonderful for business – but it could also mean taking additional measures to speed up load times even more. If your servers are slowing with a growing traffic load, you may want to upgrade your hosting plan.

Written by Michael Brower  /  December 13, 2016