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How Do I Setup CPV Lab Manually?
Mobile Automatic Updates

CPV Lab Setup Guide

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How Do I Setup CPV Lab Manually?
Mobile Automatic Updates

The following guide shows you how to set up CPV Lab with step-by-step instructions.  Instructions assume that you have already purchased a license and have a Cloud, VPS, or Dedicated Server with Hostwinds.

Please note that this is unnecessary in our specialized CPV lab servers as they come installed and ready to run the application. When creating a new Instance from the Cloud Portal, you can select Centos 7 + CPVLab to have this done for you, as shown in the image below

How Do I Setup CPV Lab Manually?

  1. Unzip CPV Lab files
    a. Unzip
  2. Run Check Server Requirements file
    a. Upload the check-server-requirements.php to your server
    b. Open test URL -
    i. If the page is blank, then you do not have ION Loaders installed
    ii. Install version 4.4 or better by calling your host
    iii. If you see PASS, you're good to keep going
  3. Uploading all the needed files to server
    a. In the root of your server, create a new, empty directory
    i. Note: Something generic is recommended, for example, clip or link
    b. Use an FTP client to upload files
    i. For example, Filezilla or WinSCP
  4. Edit file permissions
    a. Find and access the lib folder
    i. Set write permissions 666 to "db_params.php' file
    b. Open the license folder
    i. Set write permissions 666 to "license.php."
    c. Set write permissions 777 to the following (Not needed if the server uses SUEXEC):
    i. phpbrowscapBrowserCache
    ii. WURFLres
    iii. WURFLresstoragecache
    iv. WURFLresstoragepersistence
  5. Create MySQL Database
    a. Go to your cPanel
    b. Head to MySQL Database
    c. Fill in the database name and Create Database
    d. Add a New User to the database
    , e. Add the New User to your New Database
    f. Set user permissions
  6. Open Install Page
    a. Head to root in your website and choose install.php
    b. Fill out the form on this page
    i. Database Server
    ii. Database Login
    iii. Database Password
    iv. Database Name
    v. Installation Directory
    vi. Email Address used for Purchase
    c. Click the Install button
  7. Edit File permissions and delete install page
    a. Open the lib folder
    i. Update permissions from 644 to db_params.php
    b. Open the license folder
    i. Update permissions from 644 to license.php
    c. Delete install.php from the root directory
  8. Login to CPV Lab and change your password
    a. Head to the login page
    i. Sub-Domain install -
    ii. Sub-Folder install -
    b. Credentials:
    i. User = admin
    ii. Password = admin
    c. Change both upon your first login

Store your login credentials in a safe place as you cannot restore or reset your password if lost.

Mobile Automatic Updates

Periodic updates will be applied to both the device and any browsers from your phone service provider. The CRON job and cron-wurfl.php will be called to detect these updates.

To setup, the automatic updates with CRON Job, follow these instructions.

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Head to CRON Jobs
  3. Setup to run once a day
    a. Provide the appropriate server path for cron-wurfl.php at the root level of CPV Lab
  4. Enter the following command:
cd /home//public_html/cpvlab/; php cron-wurfl.php

Alternately, if the above doesn't work:

php /home/<server-name>/public_html/cpvlab/cron- wurfl.php

Replace with appropriate name from configs

  1. Set the CRON job to run as scheduled by filling out the settings.
  2. Check the log files to ensure the CRON job is running correctly.  Two files will be created in the Error Log.

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  June 5, 2021