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Where To Find the Domain WHOIS Lookup Tool
Searching For The Domain

How To Use WHOIS Lookup in WHMCS

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Where To Find the Domain WHOIS Lookup Tool
Searching For The Domain

Thinking of a domain name can be a difficult task these days. Especially considering all of the good ones are already taken. Luckily, with the Domain WHOIS Lookup tool in WHMCS, you can view if the domain is already registered, and you can view important information about the domain.

Where To Find the Domain WHOIS Lookup Tool

Step One: Log into your Administrator dashboard for your WHMCS Installation

Step Two: From the menu above, navigate to Utilities -> WHOIS Lookup

After clicking on that, you will be brought to the WHOIS Lookup page, where you can start searching for an existing or unregistered domain name.

Searching For The Domain

Step One: Enter the domain that you want to see if it is registered or not, including the TLD or ending of the domain, into the box with inside.

Step Two: To initiate the Lookup, click on the Lookup Domain button. It may take a couple of moments but will momentarily redirect to a new page.

If the domain searched is already registered, the page will show some information about who the domain is registered through, the nameservers (if possible), and other registrar's relevant information. It may look like the following,

If the domain is not registered, there will not be any additional information to display. It will simply show a green banner indicating the domain's availability. That page may look similar to the following,

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  September 18, 2018