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Remove Users That Are Not Needed

Password And User Access

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Remove Users That Are Not Needed

It is important to maintain the rule of least privilege for your web hosting account. cPanel offers you the ability to add many types of users for uploading files through FTP, sending and receiving emails, and accessing your application directly with elevated privileges.

Remove Users That Are Not Needed

There may be times when you grant access to your file system or web hosting services that are no longer being utilized. It is important to be sure that any users who have access to your web hosting services absolutely need the access you have granted and that this is removed when and if it is no longer needed.

Ultimately, it is entirely up to you how you want to give access to your account. We strongly advise you to frequently change your account passwords, limit the access you provide to your web hosting services, and remove any users who are no longer utilizing your services.

This will prevent unauthorized access to your web hosting services and allow you to maintain full control of your account. When creating a new account, we strongly urge you to use a secure password and frequently audit your user's accounts. This will ensure you are only allowing the accounts that need access to certain features to have the necessary access and give you full control over your web hosting account and services.

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  March 30, 2019