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What is a Reseller Account in WHM?

Tags: WHMCS,  Reseller 

A Reseller account in WHM is an owner who creates and sells cPanel accounts to other users.  When you become a Reseller, you purchase the system resources from Hostwinds.  Once you own the resources, you distribute them among the cPanel accounts that you sell.  You're given a limited version of WHM that allows you to manage the cPanel accounts you sell properly.

Hostwinds clients who need access to WHM will want to purchase a Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server with a cPanel license to access WHM and full control over the settings. A cPanel license can be added during the checkout process.

Here is a list of the typical functions that come with a WHM Reseller account:

  • The tools necessary to create, delete and suspend cPanel accounts
  • The ability to manage customer support requests through cPanel
  • Permission to check the server information and status
  • The tools necessary to manage and monitor your sites, including password resets
  • Control over your client domain names and usernames
  • Control over all of your domains' DNS zones
  • Ability to customize your hosting and control panel; skeleton directory, and branding

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  December 13, 2016