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Hostwinds' Tiers of Support

Hostwinds offers a support system with varying levels of assistance tailored to meet the specific needs and knowledge level of each client's plan. Our services and support are adjusted according to the complexity of the tasks required, ensuring that our clients receive the appropriate level of assistance.

All of our services come with the following features and guarantees:

  • 24/7/365 support through live chat and tickets to provide you with expert assistance whenever you need it.
  • A network uptime guarantee of 99.9999% to ensure your online presence is always available to your clients and customers.
  • A power uptime guarantee of 99.9999% to ensure uninterrupted operation of your equipment.
  • A hardware replacement guarantee of 1 hour or less to minimize downtime and ensure your systems are back up and running quickly.

Support Departments

Hostwinds offers various support departments depending on our customer's needs.

Livechat Agents

At Hostwinds, we are always here to assist you with anything you need! Our friendly frontline agents are available round-the-clock, every day of the year to help you with all your questions and concerns. They can help you with:

  • general sales, billing, or technical matters,
  • provide information on our services and policies
  • assist you with navigating our website
  • direct your concerns to the right department for prompt processing, such as creating a ticket on your behalf

Please keep in mind that our Livechat agents may not have the authority to complete certain tasks or provide immediate solutions. However, they will do their best to guide you in the right direction to get the help you need.

Sales Department

At Hostwinds, our dedicated sales department is always available to help answer any questions or concerns you may have about any of our available services. Whether you need assistance choosing the right plan for your needs, have questions about pricing or billing, or want to know more about our services in general, our sales team is here to help.

You can create a sales ticket, give us a call (888-404-1279), or send us an email at to receive a prompt response from our knowledgeable sales staff. Whatever your preferred method of communication may be, our sales team is always ready to provide you with the expert guidance you need.

Billing Department

At Hostwinds, we know that dealing with billing issues can be a source of stress and frustration, which is why we have a specialized billing department dedicated to addressing these concerns.

If you have any billing-related questions or concerns, simply create a billing ticket and our skilled and knowledgeable billing team will respond to your request promptly. You can trust that our billing department will work tirelessly to resolve any issues or provide thorough explanations, ensuring that you have peace of mind and receive exceptional customer service.

Technical Support Department

At Hostwinds, we take pride in offering comprehensive technical support for our clients. We have a team of skilled professionals with varying levels of expertise to assist with all your technical matters in accordance with our managed support.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding technical matters, simply create a technical support ticket and our experienced support staff will respond to your request promptly. With our reliable technical support, you can rest assured that your technical issues will be resolved in a timely and efficient manner.

Managed Support

Hostwinds offers comprehensive managed support services that cover a range of technical tasks and details, with the exception of our unmanaged services. To request a task to be performed or reviewed, simply log in and submit a technical support ticket to our team. Some tasks may even be automated, so don't hesitate to ask us.

Our managed support covers:

  • Operating system updates
  • Virus scans
  • Load problems or sluggishness
  • Network-related issues
  • Failure of server to boot
  • Hardware failures
  • Package installations via package managers (RPM, yum, apt-get)
  • DNS configuration and setup
  • Firewall setup and troubleshooting
  • Crontab setup
  • Password resets
  • Operating system reinstalls
  • Setting secure SSH port
  • Additional supported items for cPanel

For Cloud and Dedicated Servers with cPanel installed, our fully managed support covers the following additional items:

  • Email configurations
  • Troubleshooting website server errors (500 Error, 403 Error, etc.)
  • System software upgrades (PHP, MySQL)
  • PCI compliance modifications
  • Custom Apache configurations (mod_python, mod_ruby, mod_wsgi)
  • Perl/PECL module/extension installations
  • Backup configurations
  • cPanel options and configurations.

Our goal is to provide top-notch technical support and ensure that your hosting experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. While the above services we provide are extensive, it is not an exhaustive list of all the support we offer.

Support Limitations

We always strive to provide exceptional support to our customers, but we do have limitations. These limitations include, but are not limited to, the following:

Unmanaged Services

At Hostwinds, customers have the option to choose unmanaged Linux and Windows cloud servers, where they are responsible for the maintenance and management of their servers. We offer basic support for network connectivity and power, but the responsibility of managing the server lies with the customer. For additional support, customers can easily upgrade to our managed services.


While we strive to provide resolution or reasoning for any issues, Hostwinds does not support development. Therefore, we cannot assist with custom software/script installations (e.g. FFmpeg) or make changes to the software or scripts installed on your server (e.g. fixing bugs in PHP scripts).

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