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How To Change Your Server Time In Virtualmin

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Changing your server’s system time in Virtualmin can be easily accomplished by using the System Time module. This article will teach you how to locate the System Time module and change your server time or timezone. You’ll need to have Virtualmin installed on your server and be logged in with Webmin access. If you’re not sure about how to do this, please refer to the following guides:



How Do I Change My Server Time In Virtualmin?

To change your server’s system time please refer to the following steps:


  1. Click on the Webmin section
  2. Click on the Hardware option
  3. Select the System Time module


Showing the System time location


  1. To manually set the time, select the Set time tab and enter in your preferred time
  2. Click the Apply button


Showing the Set time interface


  1. To change the server’s time zone, select the the Change timezone tab
  2. Select the time zone that you wish to utilize from the Change timezone to in the drop down menu
  3. Click the Save button


Showing the change timezone interface


  1. To automatically have your server sync its time with a time server, select the Time server sync tab
  2. Enter in a time server to use in the Timeserver hostnames or addresses field
  3. Select when you’d like your server to sync its time
  4. When you’re satisfied, click the Sync and Apply button


Showing the time server sync interface


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