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How To Force Immediate Log File Rotation In Virtualmin

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Here you’ll learn how to force immediate log file rotation in Virtualmin. This is normally set on autopilot, but in some cases you need to do it immediately. This guide assumes that you’ve installed Virtualmin and have logged in with Webmin access. If you have trouble getting it installed or getting logged in, use these guides to help:


Guide to install Virtualmin (CentOS 7).

How To Login To Webmin


How Do I Use The Option To Force Immediate Log File Rotation In Virtualmin?

  1. Go to the Webmin section
  2. Choose the System option
  3. Select the Log File Rotation module


Showing the Log file rotation location


  1. You should see the Log File Rotation interface, which should look similar to the following


Showing Log File Rotation settings found in Virtualmin


  1. Scroll to the bottom of this interface
  2. Click the Force Log Rotation button


Showing where to find the button to force immediate Log File Rotation in Virtualmin


Congratulations, All logs should now be successfully rotated!


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