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How To Configure Weebly General Settings

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Hostwinds offers a many options to help make building your website simple and easy for our shared and business hosting clients. In addition to our Softaculous Apps Installer (which can install services like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, and more), we also offer Weebly as a fantastic website builder solution. Weebly is a drag-and-drop website builder, that lets you build your site using modern themes and modify your site with little or no coding experience required.

It is important to note that the information provided in this guide is for informational purposes only. The premium features and changes that are made after the time writing this guide may be different and will be displayed to you in your Weebly account when editing your site through Weebly. Please open a ticket with our Support Team if you do have any questions so that we can help.

Weebly’s Settings are also able to be customized in many different ways to fit the needs for many different types of websites. In this article, we’ll go over the General tab in your Weebly Settings, discussing what every option is, and how it affects your site.

Accessing General Settings

To access your general settings, just follow these steps:

Step 1: From your cPanel, select Weebly.

The Weebly option in cPanel

Step 2: Click on the Edit button to select the site you wish to edit.

The Edit option to choose the site to edit on Weebly

Step 3: Select the Edit Site button on Weebly to edit the site in question.

The Edit Site button to choose the site to edit in Weebly

Step 4: At the top of your Weebly panel, select the Settings option.

The Settings option in the Weebly panel

Step 5: On the left side of your Weebly panel, select the General tab.

The General tab for the Weebly Settings

General Settings

Site Title

This is the title of your website that will appear for your website visitors at the top of their internet browsers and any tabs that have your website open. You can also mark the checkbox to force the site title to appear at the top of all of your web pages.

The site title option in Weebly's General Settings


The favicon is the little image that appears next to your website name on the browser window and tabs, as well as the icon that shows on the bookmarks list if someone favorites or bookmarks your site.

The favicon option in Weebly's General Settings

Site Password

This is the password for your website to keep it protected. You can set to have individual pages password protected in the Pages tab, under the visibility section. Please note that this is the password protect the page or site, and does not affect your Weebly or Hostwinds accounts.

The site password option in Weebly's General Settings


If your website has a large number of pages this option will create a More… link that will display all of the other page links that do not fit in your site’s navigation area.

The navigation option in Weebly's General Settings


This option will let you create a zipped archive backup of your website, and then email that archive to the chosen email address.

The archive option in Weebly's General Settings

Site Formatting

You can modify these options to determine the site’s language and date/time formatting, which helps you to keep tabs on the times of posts, blogs, updates, and other important information.

The site formatting option in Weebly's General Settings

Cookie Notification

This setting will make the popups that notify your users if your site is using cookies to track the user’s visiting. This is especially useful if your site requires cookies to operate properly.

The cookie notification option in Weebly's General Settings


This setting allows you to un-publish your website for any reason, and is available if your website is currently published and live. It will also tell you when the last date the site was published.

The un-publish option in Weebly's General Settings