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How to Setup Bandwidth Monitoring (Virtualmin)

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Bandwidth monitoring can be used to notify server owners or specified user accounts when a site/server exceeds its allocated bandwidth limit. This article will show you how to enable bandwidth monitoring within Virtualmin. You’ll need to have Virtualmin installed and be able to login to your Virtualmin panel. We have guides for doing both below if you’ren’t sure how to do it: 



When you’re ready to proceed, please refer to the following steps to setup bandwidth monitoring:


  1. Click on the Virtualmin section
  2. Select the System Settings option
  3. Select the Bandwidth Monitoring module


Showing the Bandwidth monitoring location


  1. Click the Yes radio button next to Bandwidth monitoring active?
  2. Set any additional options that you deem necessary
  3. When you’re satisfied, click the Save button


Showing the Bandwidth Monitoring interface


Once saved, bandwidth monitoring with the options that you have selected should be enabled. If you’d like to learn how to view a Virtual Server’s bandwidth usage, you can do so via the following guide:



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