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How do I Change My Main Domain Name?

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Hostwinds provides easy functionality of changing your main domain associated with any of our shared, business shared, or reseller accounts.

If a domain is added as an Addon domain within the current cPanel, or the domain is already a primary domain within another cPanel account for resellers, you will NOT be able to add the domain as a primary.  You will have to remove the domain, in this example, prior to changing it to the primary

Remove any subdomains of your primary domain name before you can change it

WordPress, among other web design applications, can break when changing your primary domain.  This can happen because of database requirements, file directories, among mutliple other things configured within the cPanel.  If changing the primary domain is for one of these applications, its suggested to Open A Support Ticket with our technical support with the request.

To change your primary domain, please follow these steps:

Step 1:  Log into your Client Area

Step 2:  Navigate to your Home page and select manage next to your shared, business shared, or reseller service

Step 3:  Select Change Domain from the list of options

change hostwinds main domain name

Step Four: Enter in your new cPanel Main Domain in the text field After editing your main domain and click the Change Domain button.

change cpanel main domain

Your primary domain is now changed and all associated primary files within your cPanel service, that existed for your old domain, will display for the new domain name now.

We strongly suggest taking a backup prior to any changes.  For further information on how to take a backup within your cPanel, please review: How Do I Do Full Backups In cPanel

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