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Hostwinds Service Level Agreement

Technical Support Hostwinds provides ticket-based technical support for items covered under our Tiers of Support at no extra cost. Beyond this, Hostwinds does not provide support for custom scripts, third-party software, or development-related work of any kind. Nor does...

Create, submit, and manage tickets

What are Tickets? Tickets are the primary system by which Hostwinds interacts with you, our clients. We have built a streamlined ecosystem that separates tickets by departments, date, and specificity of the task. Hostwinds created our system to respond as soon as possible...

Hostwinds' Tiers of Support

Hostwinds provides a tiered system of support that respects our client's needs and knowledge for each plan. We scale our services and support for the level of tasks per our frontline agents. Unmanaged Services Hostwinds offers Unmanaged Linux and Windows Cloud servers using...