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Object Storage

Deleting Object Storage

Once a customer deletes their object storage, it is permanently removed and irretrievable. We recommend downloading and storing this information outside of Hostwinds should it ever be needed again. Note. To make full use of this article and delete object storage, you must...

Setting Up an S3 Browser

What is S3? Simple Storage Service (S3) stores any object conceivable for internet applications, backups, disaster recovery, data archives, and more. It uses a robust API set to store and retrieve scalable data from anywhere on the web to anywhere in the world. What is an S3...

Managing Object Storage

Your backups are stored here if you have any of our backup services purchased. You will see the backed-up data under their Object Storage panel, the size and the naming of the object block for the backups that are there, along with an object count. Managing Your Object...