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How To Manage Your Server(s) IPs Using Your Cloud Portal

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You’re able to manage the IPs you have for your Cloud Instance VPSes by using Hostwinds’ Cloud Portal IP Management area.  Through this feature, you’ll be able to view, add and remove both IPv4 and IPv6 IPs you have available for the servers, as well as set their rDNS records as needed. This guide is intended to help Hostwinds clients be able to easily manage their IPs through the Cloud Portal.

To manage the IP Addresses for your Cloud Instance VPSes, this can be done from the Cloud Portal:

Step 1: From the Client Area, click on the Cloud Control drop down link and select Cloud Portal.

The Cloud Portal link in the Client Area

Step 2: Once in the Cloud Portal, you will want to select the server that you are wanting to manage the IP addresses for. You can simply click on the Server name.

Select VPS Option Example Image
Example of a Hostwinds client who has 3 Active VPSes to select from

Step 3: Select Manage IP’s from the available options

Manage IP Location Image

When the Manage IP’s tab is selected for an instance, it’ll display the present IPv4 and IPv6 IPs assigned to the instance. This is where you can manage your IPs, manage the rDNS for your IPs and add additional IPv4 and IPv6 IPs from this tab.

Viewing Presently Assigned IPs For An Instance

Once you select the Managed IP’s tab, you will be presented a screen like the below image.  Here you can review your currently assigned IPv4 IP’s and IPv6 IP’s.

VPS Assigned IP's

How To Add / Edit / Remove Additional IPv4 IPs

Adding Additional IP’s

To manage adding IPv4 IPs, click on the button Manage IPv4 Addresses:

Manage IPv4 Location Image

The default amount of IPs on an instance is 1. If you’d like to add additional IP addresses, you can select from the available options in the drop down menu.

Purchase Additional IPv4 Example Location Image
  • IP Addresses:  Add additional IP’s to your VPS for additional monthly charges
  • C-Class Address:  Add additional C-Class IP’s for additional monthly charges (Understanding a C-Class IP)
  • DDoS Addresses:  Add IP’s for DDoS protection (DDoS Protection Overview)

Alternatively, if you presently have a higher number of IPv4 addresses, selecting a lesser value of IPs in the dropdown will remove the excess IPv4 IPs.

Once you’ve made your selection, press Confirm.

If you have a payment method on file, the IP will be purchased and applied to your current server automatically

Set rDNS for your IP

Each IP assigned to your VPS has the ability to edit the rDNS.  On your Manage IP section, select the Actions drop down next to the IP you wish to change, and choose Set rDNS from the list of options.

Manage rDNS Location Image

A pop-up window will be displayed with your current IP, and a box for you to edit the location of your rDNS.

set rdns using hostwinds cloud portal

Click on Confirm when updated.

Edit IP To Be Primary

Your servers primary IP is the dedicated IP assigned upon purchase.  You are able to edit which IP is the primary, provided you have more then 1.  On your Manage IP section, select the Actions drop down next to the IP you wish to change, and choose Set as Main IP from the list of options.

Set Main IP Location Image

The star icon, which was next to the current primary IP, will now move to your selected primary IP.

Deleting An IP

Within your Manage IP section, select the Actions drop down next to the IP you wish to delete, and choose Delete from the list of options.

Delete IP Location Image

The IP will be deleted upon confirmation.

If you have only one IP, the Delete IP will not be listed among the available drop-down options

Once an IP is deleted, it is removed and cannot be recovered once terminated

How To Add IPv6 IP Space

Steps for updating your IPv6 will be similar to steps as above for the IPv4, however, managed in the IPv6 section of your Manage IP area.

IPv6 Location Image

You will then have the option to confirm the addition of an IPv6 address.

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