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How To Use Hostwinds Reseller Module API Details

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Hostwinds Reseller Module API Details

Hostwinds Reseller Module works by tying into your client account within Hostwinds, to do this we link your account via a unique API key and your email address within your Hostwinds account.


You can obtain your API details by navigating to the following URL –


This will provide you with your API URL, API Email, API Key, and detail any account credit your account may have within Hostwinds.


Service Reseller Manage API Key Example Image


The only 2 pieces of information you will need to use to update your Hostwinds’ Reseller Module is your email address, and your API Key.


Hostwinds Reseller Module Image


Copy and paste both of these details to your WHMCS admin area, and press Save.


Next, press the button Test Connection this will ensure your account is properly linked to your WHMCS panel.


As long as the information is correct, you will receive a notice that the connection has been established.


Example of Successful connection Image