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Why Have I Been Manually Held for Review?

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Because we want everyone that works with us to have the safest experience possible we do utilize a fraud prevention system that flags orders that show a high level of risk. But, instead of immediately terminating said orders, we opt to put the associated account on hold and allow for the account holder to work with us to validate those orders.

When this happens, the main page of the Client Area will display the documentation needed, based on the payment method used, and an option to easily upload that documentation. As is shown below:

Important Notes:

  • When an account is on “Hold” any active services on the account are Suspended and no new orders/payments can be placed, once the hold is lifted, services will be reactivated and new purchases can be made.
  • All other Client Area features and functions will act as normal

How do I get off of the hold?

The best way is to use the option to “Upload Identity Documents” as shown on the main page of the Client area.

Which documentation is needed, does depend on the payment method used:

If a Credit Card was used, we would need:

  • A scanned copy of the Credit Card with the last four digits, expiration date, and name visible. We do ask that the first 12 digits be blocked out for security purposes.
    • We do understand that there is some hesitance in sharing card information, however, since this is the card used for the order, this information is already in our system. We just need to just get visual confirmation that the info in our system and on the physical card matches.
  • A scanned copy of the Government Issued ID
  • A scanned copy of a fully and completely filled out  Credit Card Authorization Form (Click Here to Download)
    • If there is a line left blank or incomplete information we will need to ask that this form is completely filled out before we are able to accept it.

If PayPal was used, we would need:

  • We would need you to send a scanned copy of the Government Issued ID to prove ownership of the PayPal account.

How much time do I  have to do this?

That would depend on when the order was placed, and the hold was activated. Currently, there is a deadline of 2 PM PST to have the documentation sent to us. If this deadline passes, any payments will revers and any orders would terminate as a rsult. .