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How do I resolve a Chargeback or Dispute?

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This will depend on what payment method that Chargeback or Dispute was filed on.

Credit Card Chargebacks

To resolve a Credit Card Chargeback you will need to prove ownership of the Credit Card.

To prove ownership of a Credit Card

We would need the following:

Repayment of all chargedback/disputed invoices

An invoice would be created for this as soon as ownership is confirmed

Payment of a penalty fee

For chargebacks, we would issue a $250.00 penalty fee per charged back transaction. An invoice would be created for this after ownership of the card is proven.

If you cannot do this, there is an immediate risk of termination which would result in the permanent loss of the services and the data they held.

Important Note: Re-creation of terminated services will only result in a blank service being provided as everything that had been held would be lost due to the termination.

PayPal Disputes

To resolve a PayPal dispute, the dispute would need to be dropped, this can be accomplished by working directly with PayPal, through their client portal or over the phone.
After this is done a ticket to Billing will need to be made stating the dispute is dropped, once that is confirmed the services will be reactivated.

What if PayPal refunded me?

If the dispute is not dropped and then a refund is issued by PayPal, we will not unsuspend the account and it will expire.
This would be the same outcome for instances in which a chargeback has been leveled against a credit card payment made to PayPal, that then results in a PayPal dispute.

Recovering from that stage would require:

    1. Provide proof that you are the true owner of the PayPal account
    2. Repayment all invoices that had their payment reversed
    3. Pay a $250.00 chargeback prevention fee per transaction that had been reversed
    4. A signed statment indicating that automatic payemnts may be made to Hostwinds via PayPal