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Shared and Business Hosting Quick Start Guide

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So you’ve purchased hosting and you are wondering what are the first steps are.  This guide will assist you on how to begin your journey by exploring cPanel and how to upload files for your website.  Prior to setting up the host, if you do not already have a domain name registered, you can check availability and pricing here.

Video Walkthrough

How Do I Login To My cPanel Account?

  1. Follow the link in your Welcome e-mail message to your cPanel login URL
  2. Enter your Login Credentials from your Welcome e-mail message at the cPanel login prompt


  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click on the service that you purchased
  3. Click the Login to cPanel link on the left side of the page
login to cpanel

How Do I Get My Site Built?

There are a variety of ways and tools that can be used for building your site. If you are familiar with how to code your own site, or use a Website Builder such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe Muse, you can upload the files from there to your hosting plan. If you are not too familiar with making sites, or do not use Dreamweaver or Muse, you can either use the Drag and Drop Editor Weebly, or another Application installed through Softaculous such as WordPress to build your site. Additional instructions on how these can be used can be found below.

How Do I Upload Files?

Option 1: Use the File Manager Web Interface

Now that you’re logged into cPanel, click the link that says File Manager

Select Web Root under “settings” in the top right and then click Save, or click on “public_html” in File Manager directory.

Click Upload to upload your website

Good To Knows:

  • The steps taken to upload files for your website can be performed in many ways.  It is important to remember that any of these options are all uploading your domain files into the “public_html” directory as this is your sites’ root folder.
  • Uploading files whose size is more than 50MB at a time will require FTP (Detailed below).
  • Once the Domain Name Servers have propagated, your site will be fully loaded. For more information on how this works, you can see this article on setting up domain and hosting.
  • File Manager is great for uploading files one at a time. To upload many files in the same session, you will want to use an FTP client.

Option 2: Using a FTP Client

We recommend using the FileZilla FTP client to upload your site. Download it here free.

Once FileZilla is installed, login to your account via FTP:

  1. Open FileZilla
  2. Enter your temporary FTP Hostname or the IP address of the hosting plan that is in your Welcome e-mail message
  3. Next you’ll enter your Username and Password from the Welcome e-mail message (same details as your cPanel log in)
  4. Navigate to the public_html folder and upload your site

Once the Domain Name Servers have propagated, your site will be fully loaded.

Using Weebly To Build Your Site

Some may not prefer to use WordPress or build their site from scratch, and would want something with a Drag and Drop aspect to it. Luckily, with our Shared and Business hosting plans there is the Weebly Site Builder that can be used. Accessible directly from the cPanel, you can drag and drop your site to your hearts content to easily make your site. When you are satisfied with what you have, simply click Publish and your site will go live.

Installing Software via Softaculous

Within all of our Shared, Business, and Reseller hosting packages is the Softaculous App Installer. This is a very powerful tool loaded with hundreds of popular software scripts setup for quick and easy installation. These include but are not limited to: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

Creating and Accessing Email Accounts

From cPanel, it’s very easy to both add and login to new email accounts. To create a new email account, click the Email Accounts icon in your cPanel and on the resulting page fill in the appropriate details.

In order to log in to created email accounts, navigate to the same Email Accounts page and you will see a listing of your created accounts. Click the “More” drop down menu next to the account in question, then click “Access Webmail” to login.  This will prompt for the selection of Horde,  Round Cube, and Squirrel Mail (if you would like to understand the differences between the 3, click here) .  After selecting a Webmail template, your Webmail will launch. Alternatively, this guide here can be used to access your Webmail.

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If you should have any questions or would like assistance, do feel free to contact us through Live Chat or by submitting a ticket with our Technical Support team.