How to Upgrade or Customize Your Server Instance

If you feel like your server is moving a bit slower than your needs, upgrading is always easy.

Before you can begin, you will want to login to your account at From there, you can go to Cloud Control > Cloud Portal from the top to open your Cloud Portal.

open cloud portal

Once you are in your Cloud Portal, you can click on the Nickname of your VPS or Cloud server to manage it and see all of your options.

From here, select the Upgrade/Downgrade VM button the server in question:


upgrade/downgrade vm cloud portal


Upgrading your  Instance Level

Choose from the available listed options to upgrade your overall server level, the last option listed allows you to customize your resources as desired by clicking the relevant drop down for either RAM, CPU Cores, Disk Space or Bandwidth.


Upgrade Instance



How Billing is Handled for Upgrades

Once you choose Continue, you’ll be directed to the billing page. Your upgrade price is calculated from a credit of the unused portion of your current plan, meaning that your upgrade is prorated based on the time remaining in your current billing cycle.

As soon as you’ve paid the invoice, your upgrade will be instantly available, however a reboot will be required:


Completed Upgrade Message


From here, just navigate back to the instance page and reboot via your client area power options.


Upgrading the Disk Space

Given that the increase of disk space on an instance is permanent, we understand you may want to have the option to select when/if the disk space is upgraded. This is so you’ll have the later option of reverting back to a previous overall instance level, as once the disk space is added it cannot be removed.

You’ll notice the Apply Disk Upgrade button on your instance management page, this button will walk you through the steps to apply this upgrade:


Apply Drive Space Upgrade


You’ll then get a warning that the server needs to be shutdown if you hadn’t already done so to apply the upgrade:


Disk space upgrade warning


Use the Shutdown button in your client area, then proceed again to the Apply Disk Upgrade button and you’ll get the following screen:


Manage disk space upgrade

This is a warning and confirmation to confirm that you understand that the disk space can’t be downgraded after it has been upgraded.

You’re also given the ability to upgrade in increments of 5 GBs, up to the amount you originally ordered for the upgrade process.

We recommend all users to take an instance snapshot prior performing the upgrade. This can be done from your instance management panel and will ensure that your data 100% backed up and stored prior to the disk upgrade.


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