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How to Upgrade Your Server Instance

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If you feel like your server is moving a bit slower than your needs, upgrading is always easy.

Before you can begin with this guide, you will want to login to your Client Area.  From there, you can go to Cloud Control Cloud Portal from the top to open your Cloud Portal.

open cloud portal

Once you are in your Cloud Portal, you can click on the Nickname of your VPS or Cloud server to manage it and see all of your options.

Upgrade Your Instance

Step One: Select the Upgrade/Downgrade VM button to begin the Upgrade

upgrade/downgrade vm cloud portal

Step Two: Choose from the available listed options to upgrade your server.

Upgrade/Downgrade Hostwinds VPS Image

Step Three: Click on the Upgrade Instance button when done and a browser pop-up will appear containing a new invoice. 

Once you pay the invoice to upgrade your VPS, a yellow Apply Upgrade button will appear on your Instance’s page as shown below:

Hostwinds Apply Upgrade Button Image

Your resources will not be applied until the Apply Upgrade is fully performed.  Once clicked, a pop-up window will be displayed asking if you would like to Take A Snapshot Now of your current server.

What is a snapshot?  A snapshot is an entire image of your current Instance and can think of it has a complete backup of your current server.  In the event you would like to request we restore your VPS from a snapshot taken previously, we can use your snapshot to directly load back this instance for you.  The time it takes to perform a snapshot depends on the current size of your VPS.  Larger instances can take an hour or more to complete.  For more information, please review Snapshot Management

Take Snapshot Now Image

Step Four: Once you take a snapshot you can return to the Instance page. If you choose to proceed with the Upgrade without taking a snapshot, select Apply Upgrade to apply the new disk space from the available drop-down and clicking Confirm when ready to proceed and have selected the appropriate upgrade options.

Confirm Disk Space Upgrade Image

Disk upgrades are permanent. Downgrades will become unavailable and new snapshots will be sized to the new disk size. These snapshots will only be used for instances of that size and larger.

Step Five: Once completed, the yellow upgrade button will change to a green button called Confirm Resize. Your instance browser will automatically refresh as the upgrade applies itself. 

Confirm Resize Button Image

Step Six: Another pop-up window will appear for confirmation to confirm.  Once completed, your instance will now show the newly applied resources under your instance.

Newly Applied Resources Image

It is suggested to reboot your server once the Upgrade is completed.  You can perform this action by selecting the blue Actions button and choosing Reboot from the available drop-down options.

Reboot Option Location Image

Please be advised, while you are able to increase the disk space on a VPS along with the other resources, you are not able to reduce the disk space without risking possible data loss and corruption. For this reason, you can take a snapshot of your instance and convert this into a template so that you can Create a New Instance using this snapshot template. Once an upgrade is applied, it is not able to be reversed for your Instance.

How Billing is Handled for Upgrades

Once you select your desired upgrade, an invoice will generate. The invoice will be prorated to reflect the cost of the higher tier of service for the days remaining in the current billing cycle, minus what had already been spent.

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