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How do I delete hourly storage?

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By following the steps listed below, it’ll be possible to manage and ultimately delete any unneeded data or objects that are stored hourly in our Cloud storage.

Step One: Starting from the Client Area, click on the “Cloud Control” tab and select “Cloud Portal”

Navigate to Cloud Portal

Step Two: This will take you to the “Cloud Control”, from here you’ll want to click “Storage” and then select the type of storage you want to manage

Storage Drop-down
  • Extra Volumes will be stored and can be managed under “Volumes”
  • ISO’s will be stored and can be managed under “ISO’s”
  • Private Snapshots will be stored and can be managed under “Snapshots”
  • Backups will be stored as “Object Storage” and can be managed under “Object Storage”

Step Three: After selecting the storage type you wish to manage, you’ll then want to click on the “Actions” drop-down next to the container you want to delete and select the “Delete” option

Delete Volume
  • Deleting anything stored at an hourly rate will only prevent further hourly charges for that storage. Everything stored up to that point would still be due the following calendar month.
  • There can be storage in both Dallas or Seattle, be sure to use the location drop down at the top right corner of the screen to check both locations.