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Managing Object Storage

This is where your backups are stored if you have any of our backup services purchased. You will see the backed-up data under their Object Storage panel, the size and the naming of the object block for the backups that are there, along with an object count.

How To Access Cloud Object Storage

Log in to the Client Area.

Once you have logged into the Client Area, you will want to select the Cloud Control drop-down and click on the Cloud Portal.

Select Storage and Object Storage from the Storage Drop Down menu.

You can see an example below, showing the Object's name, size, object count, public availability, and location.

How To Make Object Storage Public

Check the box under Public, and a shareable link will appear to the right of the checkbox.

Clicking that link, you can view your storage in your browser. The link will provide a text-based listing of the objects that are accessible. Adding the listed object to the end of the current URL will let you download the object you've selected.

Ex. would download the test.txt file.

To make your object no longer publicly accessible, uncheck the Public checkbox.

Deleting Containers

Pressing the Delete button next to a container will delete the container.

Creating New Object Storage Containers

Click on the Blue Create Container Button.

Name your Container, select its location, and if you wish it to be public. You can always change the public status later.

Written by Hostwinds  /  January 5, 2021

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