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Managing Object Storage

Your backups are stored here if you have any of our backup services purchased. You will see the backed-up data under their Object Storage panel, the size and the naming of the object block for the backups that are there, along with an object count.

Managing Your Object Storage

Note: To make full use of this article, you must log in to the Hostwinds Client Area. Additionally, this article outlines essential processes in your Cloud Control portal. To access your Cloud Control portal, click on the Cloud Control dropdown on the top of the Client portal dashboard menu and click on the Cloud Portal link.

Once you have logged into the Cloud Portal area look to the top menu, click the Storage dropdown link and click the Object Storage link to move to the Object Storage page.

A table will show all of the containers you have created and you can review the information below:

Name: The name you have assigned to your container.

Object Count: The count of objects in the container.

Size: The size of the data in bytes.

Public: You have the option to make the container public using this checkbox.

Link: Only shows if the container has been made public

Location: The location you are storing your container.

In addition, if you have been updating your containers and need to check any of this information, click the Refresh Containers button at the top right of the table header. This clears the cache for the page and perform a check for new objects.

Managing Your Containers

Making Your Container Public

To make the link public, check the box under the Public column in the respective container's row. A shareable link will appear to the right of the checkbox. The container will now be available to anyone on the web.

Upon clicking the link, you can view the storage container from your browser. The link will provide a text-based listing of the objects that are accessible. Adding the listed object to the end of the current URL will let you download the object you've selected.

Ex. would download the test.txt file.

To make your object no longer publicly accessible, uncheck the Public checkbox.

Note: Public containers are accessible to anyone who can find the link. Please take care to make sure that you do not check the public permissions if you do not want your container public.

Creating New Object Storage Containers

Click on the blue Create Container Button in the top-right corner of the dashboard. Doing so will prompt a pop-up that requires the name of your container, the location it will reside in, and if you wish it to be public. You can always change the public status later but Hostwinds recommends that you protect your private data.