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Hostwinds My Domains Section

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Hostwinds My Domain section can be found by logging into your Hostwinds account > Domains > My Domains.


My Domains Image


Navigating here will show a list of all domains your account ever registered with Hostwinds.


My Domains Screenshot


If you have many domains to sift through, the Domain Section provides the ability to organize domains by domain names, due dates, auto-renew status, and current activation status.  The wrench to the right of each domain can be clicked on for full management of an individual domain or the drop-down instead, which provides quick functionality to popular management tools, like nameservers.


Hostwinds MyDomains Navigation Image



My Domain Columns

  • Domains:  List of the domain names ever registered.  Clicking on this column will organize domains alphabetically from A-Z and Z-A.
  • Due Date:  Date of when a domain registration is due.  Typically registered for a years worth of time.  Can be organized by oldest to newest
  • Auto Renew: Displays whether a domain is set-up for auto-renew once its reached its due date with “Enabled”, or  deactivate to not renew by displaying “Disabled”.  Can be organized between these two categories.
  • Status:  Shows current state of domain, active, terminated, expired, cancelled, pending, pending transfer and transferred away.  Can be organized by grouping categories together.


View and Actions Column

On the left hand-side of My Domains is two other columns, the “view” column and the “actions” columns.  The view column shows the total amount of domains in certain categories with a number to right of each one.  Selecting any of these columns will change what My Domain shows on the right, limiting to any domains presently meeting the selected description.


My Domains View Column Image     My Domains Renew Image


The actions column has 3 categories.  Selecting Renew will organize all active domain and provide renewable options next to each one.  It will also show any expired domains informing you that they cannot be renewed any longer.  “Register a New Domain” tab will take you to our register page where you can check availability and pricing.  Transfer a Domain will take you to our transfer a domain portal if you wish to transfer a domain from another host to us.


My Domain Renew Page Image
Example Of Action “Renew” In My Domains


Helpful Tips

“Edit Selection”  drop-down can be used to manage several active domains at once.  Each active domain can be selected and, for example, managing nameservers can be edited all at once.  This is a helpful quick tool tip if needing to manage several of your active domains at one time.


My Domains Edit Selection Image


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