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Manage Domains

Domain record management for your cloud services is made easy at Hostwinds using our Cloud DNS Manager in the Cloud Portal. Here you can add your domain to our DNS Manager and manage many of your DNS records without needing to go through your server itself.

Please note that changes to DNS records can take up to 24 – 48 hours to be propagated and reflected over the internet.

Managing Your Domains

Hostwinds provides multiple avenues for creating domains and adding them to your Hostwinds account. Following the steps below, you will be able to create, add, delete and register domains using your Hostwinds account.

Note: To manage your domains, you must log in to the Hostwinds Client Area. In addition, you may need to access your Cloud Control area for some actions. When prompted, you will need to click on the Cloud Control dropdown on the top of the Client portal dashboard menu and click the Cloud Portal link.

A table listing the domains you have created and registered with Hostwinds populates on the page. Here is a breakdown of each:

  • Domains: A list of the domain names you have registered. Clicking on this column will organize domains alphabetically from A-Z and Z-A.
  • Due Date: Date of when a domain registration is due. They typically are registered for a year's worth of time. Clicking on this column will organize from oldest to newest.
  • Auto-Renew: Displays whether a domain is set up for auto-renew once it reached its due date with "Enabled" or deactivated to not renew by displaying "Disabled." Toggle this to show either of these two categories.
  • Status: Shows current state of domain; active, terminated, expired, canceled, pending, pending transfer, and transferred away. Category groups can organize it.

Suppose you have many domains to sift through. In that case, the Domain Section provides the ability to organize them by domain names, due dates, auto-renew status, and current activation status by clicking on the respective arrows next to each one.

The wrench icon on the right of each domain gives access to the total management of an individual domain by pushing you to an overview page of the specific domain.

Clicking on the dropdown arrow to the far right of the table row provides quick access to actions defined below:

  • Manage Nameservers: From here, you can change where the domain points. Note that this can take up to 24 hours to finalize.
  • Edit Contact Information: Edit the contact information for this domain if you are the owner and registered it through Hostwinds.
  • Auto-Renewal Status: This shows a list of the domains you have set to renew automatically. Automatic Domain renewal ensures that your domain is never out of your hands. Note that this will charge automatically for the domain.
  • Manage Domain: This link takes you to the individual domain's page. You can view pertinent information about your domain, set it to renew automatically, purchase addons like ID Protection,
  • Renew: If you have not set your domain to Auto Renew, you can renew your domain here.

Single Domain Management Page

There are multiple points of entry to an individual Domain's management page that we have explained above. Once you have entered the domain page, you will be presented with a dashboard containing an overview of the specific domain.

The individual domains management page provides the following information on its dashboard:

  • Domain
  • Recurring Amount: the amount that is charged for the domain renewal process and the cycle.
  • Next Due Date: Provided by the Day, Month, and Year.
  • The current status of the domain.

On the left-hand side of the dashboard, you can find the Manage Dropdown and the Actions Dropdown.

Manage Dropdown

The Manage dropdown provides three links that will direct you to additional pages:

Overview: Directs you to the Overview page we covered earlier in this article.

Auto-Renew: This takes you to the Auto Renew Page, where you can choose to disable or enable the available list of Domains you currently have.

Addons: This takes you to the individual domain's addon page, where you can purchase and activate available addons like ID Protection.

Actions Dropdown

The actions column has three categories:

Renew: Organizes all active domains and provides renewable options next to each one. It will also show any expired domains to you that they cannot renew any longer.

Register a New Domain: This takes you to our registration page, where you can check availability and pricing.

Transfer a Domain: This brings you to our domain transfer portal to transfer a domain from another host to us. Note that you will need the Epp / Auth Code to do this.

Helpful Tips

You can use the "Edit Selection" dropdown to manage several active domains at once. You can select each active domain, and, for example, you can edit managing nameservers all at once. This is a helpful, quick tooltip if you need to work several of your active domains at one time.