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How Are Refunds Issued?

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Refunds will always go to the original payment source.

What if the Credit Card I Used has Changed?

We would need to have the same Credit Card on file as the one that made the payment to be refunded. Otherwise, the refund will not be able to complete. If the original card is canceled, we would not be able to issue a refund to it. However, we would issue Account Credit in these cases.

What if the PayPal Account I Used has Closed?

It is not possible to refund a PayPal payment from one PayPal account to another, nor can a refund be made to a closed account. In these cases, it would be required to reach out to PayPal directly to see if the account can be reopened. Then a new Billing Agreement would need to be made for us to process the refund through.
If these are things that cannot be done, we will issue Account Credit.

What if I paid with something other than Credit Card or PayPal?

As those are the only payment methods that we can refund through, any refunds would be made in the form of Account Credit.