How Do I Find My Nameservers?

The easiest way to find your nameservers for any product purchased through Hostwinds would be by looking in the initial email that was sent to you on the creation of each product. These emails will have subjects that include the words “Account Information” and can always be viewed in your Client Area by clicking on your name where it says “Hello, [name]” and selecting “Email History.”

There are also other ways to find your nameservers within our Client Area. If you have any of our shared hosting products and have previously set the nameservers for the main domain you can click on Manage for the specific product and then click on WHOIS Info in the Package / Domain area. This will open a new windows that displays the nameservers.

For VPS products you can always finds your nameservers in the management area for the product, under the server information tab. The specific information has been blurred out in the image below but in your product page it would show the specifics to your VPS in each field.

What Are Nameservers?

Every site on the internet resolves to a specific IP address. In fact, in some cases, many sites resolve to the same IP address. An example of this would be an Advanced or Ultimate shared account with us where you have a single dedicated IP address and multiple domains hosted there. Nameservers are what the registrars and, in turn, the internet use to direct the traffic queries for your domain to the correct IP address for your domain or subdomain. A nameserver will hold your DNS Zone file so that when someone types in your domain name, they know which IP address to go to and visit your website, or which mail server to send your email to. This is how your website visitors are directed to your website and how emails are directed to your INBOX and is all done by using the nameserver, your DNS Zone file and the configuration files for your domain name on your web server and email server. 

As always, if you have any trouble finding your nameservers after reading this article, please come to our 24/7 Live Chat and we’ll be happy to assist you there. 

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