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How Can I Change My Billing Cycle?

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You can change your Billing Cycle at any time through the Hostwinds Client Area.

However, changing your Billing Cycle will create an invoice that will pay for the next renewal (on the selected billing cycle) which will be due the same day. Once paid, the cycle will be changed.

Important note: If there is a renewal invoice pending for the original cycle, it will be canceled once the cycle change has been completed.

To  change your Billing Cycle, first, from the Client Area, click on the “Billing” tab and then select “Manage Billing Dates”

Client Area, Change Billing Due Date

On the next page, select the Actions drop-down menu next to the service that needs a new Billing Cycle and select “Change Billing Cycle”

Once selected a new window will open displaying the name of the service, the cost of the current cycle an when the next renewal would be due. By using the drop down, the new cycle would then be selected:

After selecting the desired cycle, price due would be displayed and once the “Confirm” button is clicked the invoice will be created:

Once that invoice is paid the cycle will be changed.

What services can’t have their Billing Cycle changed?

Domains –  can only be purchased in yearly increments and would not be able to be renewed for less time or earlier than when they are invoiced.
SSL – as they do not automatically renew when purchased, there wouldn’t be a way to change the cycle.