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Upgrading a Service

Hostwinds builds to scale its products just as you should. Upgrading or downgrading a service is easily available using the Client areas and Cloud Portal areas of our system.

Note: To upgrade a hosting plan on your account in this section, you must log in to the Hostwinds' Client Area. Continue with the steps as an existing client to order an Upgrade from your Client Area home page.

The dashboard on the home page provides multiple avenues to upgrade your hosting plans. The first path starts at the YOUR ACTIVE PRODUCTS/SERVICES table. From here, choose the service you would like to upgrade and enter the service's overview page by clicking the green Manage button.

Upon entering the service's overview page, click the Actions dropdown on the left of the dashboard. The dropdown will provide upgrades (and upgrade options) dependent on the hosting plan you selected. If you have selected

  • Upgrade/Downgrade: Clicking on this link will bring you to a list of all the plans available for the selected service. From here you are able to increase or decrease the capacities of your selected service to your needs.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Options: Provides additional upgrades that bolster your services where applicable. In the case of a cloud server, you can increase the amount of IP Addresses, DDOS Protected IP Addresses, and C-Class IP Addresses for this specific service. The table presenting these will show the amount you currently have. You can select the amount you wish to add and view the price of the upgrade options from the dropdown on each option.

Note: a change in your plan or addition of an upgrade option generates an invoice that must be paid immediately to begin the upgrade.

Once you are satisfied with the upgrades you have chosen, click on the green Continue button at the bottom of the dashboard.

Hostwinds will direct you to a page showing you the total due immediately as well as the payment method. Finally, clicking the Continue button will put you on the final Submit Payment page. Once payment has been processed your upgrades are applied.