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How To Customize Product Welcome Emails As A White Label Reseller

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Locating Welcome Email Template by Product

To locate the specific email template used for a product in your services, navigate to Setup -> Products/Services -> Products/Services.


Then, select Edit Edit icon on the product that you wish to locate the email template for.


The email template used for the product can be found under the Details tab for the product, and is the Welcome Email seen below.

Edit Product Details


Editing Email Templates

To get to email templates that are created for each of your products, navigate to Setup -> Email Templates.


Product Welcome Emails will be under the section labeled Product/Services Messages.

Product/Service Messages


To edit the welcome email select the Edit Edit Email Icon button for the email template you wish to update.


From this page, you will be given the options to update the email template altogether with several options to update:

  • Updating Sender’s Email / Name displayed in From Line
  • Updating Email’s Subject
  • Adding Attachments (optional)
  • Adding CC/BCC recipients
  • Adding Additional information, guides, details to the welcome email


The email content sent can be edited in both plain-text and Rich-Text editor mode, and also allows for a number of available variables to be included that are displayed below the email text-field box.

Welcome Email Variables


Once your changes and updates to the email template have been completed, press Save Changes.