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How to Edit Nameservers at Hostwinds (5 Steps)

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Please note, your domain will need to be registered with Hostwinds to use this guide. We have a guide to register with Hostwinds in order to follow along with these instructions.

If you already have a domain registered through another registrar, you would need to update the nameservers at their end. In such cases, we would suggest contacting the registrar’s support team for assistance in how to set your nameservers.

If you do not own a domain, you can check availability and pricing here.

Edit Domain Nameservers

First: Provided you have a domain registered at Hostwinds, you would first login to your Client Area.

Second: Obtain the Nameservers for the service you wish to host your domain from.

Navigate to Services -> My Services.

Next we will select to manage the desired service

Please note that the name server are sequential.

Third: Select the Domains —> My Domains from the drop down

Selecting to manage the Nameservers on the next window.


Fourth: Select ‘Use custom nameservers’ and enter the nameservers you wish to use.

You must enter two nameservers at minimum, but can list up to five.

Use custom nameservers

Fifth: Click ‘Change Nameservers’ to save the changes.

Change Nameservers

Once your changes have been saved, they will still need some time to propagate to other DNS servers globally. DNS propagation typically completes within a couple hours, but can take upwards of 24-48 hours in some cases. It does help to set an “A record” for the domain.

You can use a tool such as What’s My DNS to check the status of your domain’s propagation.

DNS Nameservers will contain the DNS information for your domain name. Once you change your nameservers, all DNS records will be managed through your Authoritative nameserver provider so it is important to confirm with your web hosting provider the correct nameservers to use before making any changes to your domain’s nameservers to prevent downtime for your website and email services.

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