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How to Manage Your IP Addresses

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With your Cloud Services at Hostwinds, you are provided a Dedicated IP Address. You can also manage and add additional IPs at any time. We make it very easy for you to view and manage each IP from within your Cloud Control Panel. In this guide, we will go over IP Management through your Hostwinds Cloud Portal.

For information on the Cloud Control Panel, including how to navigate to it, see our Cloud Control Overview article for more details.

Viewing Your IP’s

To view the IP’s assigned to your services, simply navigate to Network -> Manage IP’s from within the Cloud Control Panel.

Network Menu

This Manage IP’s page will display a list of all the IP’s assigned to your services, along with the rDNS (reverse DNS) each IP maps to.

The IP’s rDNS value is typically the hostname of the server it is assigned to.

Manage IP's

Next to each IP is also an edit button under the OPTIONS column to modify it’s rDNS value.

There is also a Bulk Set rDNS button at the top to update multiple IP/rDNS entries at once.

Edit an IP


You can modify an existing IP’s rDNS by clicking it’s corresponding Edit  button in the OPTIONS column.

This will bring up the Update rDNS popup, which will display the IP address you are modifying, and its currently set rDNS value.

Update rDNS

To change the IP’s rDNS, simply update the rDNS textbox and click Update to save the changes.

Edit Multiple IP’s

You can update the rDNS on multiple IP’s at once by the use of the Bulk Set rDNS button, which will display the following popup:

Bulk Set rDNS

Simply enter the IP’s you want updated in the left textbox (one IP per line) and the rDNS’s you want set in the right textbox (one rDNS per line), then click Save.

The rDNS will be updated such that each IP in the left textbox will be updated to the rDNS on the corresponding line in the right checkbox (e.g. the IP on line four will be updated to the rDNS on line four).

Setting the rDNS in bulk can be dangerous if the wrong values are used and can take a bit of work to reverse. Verify that the values you are setting are correct before saving the changes.

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