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VPS & Dedicated Server Cloud Backups

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Hostwinds offers our VPS, Cloud and Dedicated server clients our Hostwinds Cloud Backups.

This service will automatically backup your server’s data every night. And you’re only charged for actual data used.


The monthly price for our backup service is:

Cost of Server Add-on : $1 per month
Cost of Backup Storage: $0.03 Per GB (over 30 days)


Cloud backups can be ordered at the time of server purchase

or afterwards from the Services -> View Available Addons in your Client Area.

Backups Breakdown

When first set up, a “Hostwinds Cloud Backups Setup Tracking” ticket will be generated in your account, which will direct our technicians to install a cron job or scheduled task that captures a full backup of your server and store the backup it in your Object Storage Container labeled Backup_[ID]. [ID] will be a 6 digit number unique to your server, often showing up as hwsrv-[ID]

Once per night (by default) an incremental backup is captured of everything that’s changed on your server since the previous backup. This saves you money by only storing the changes since the previous backup instead of a whole copy of the system each time. After capturing a new backup, the system also ‘prunes’ any incremental backups older than 60 days, but restic combines this with the ‘base level’ so the oldest backup will be the whole server as it was 60 days ago, and the latest backup will be as it was when captured. The preservation time can be adjusted on your server as needed.

You have full access to this container, so you can download and access your backups at any time.

Accessing Backups

You’ll be able to access backups using a couple of different methods. One is to directly access the backups through the use of Public Links. However, this is generally not advised, because as the name implies, the link would be public.

To make a link public, select the checkbox under the Public column in your Object Storage tab in Cloud Control.

public backups hostwinds cloud portal

This will enable the link, which can be seen below:

make backups public hostwinds cloud portal

From there, you’re taken to a directory-style structure where you can copy the path into a browser. Copy it in and append the path to the end of your public link URL to directly download the file/files.

hostwinds cloud storage backups

Alternatively, you can use software such as S3 Browser to securely access your backed up data in a format similar to FTP.

Hostwinds has no affiliation with S3 Browser. We will be using S3 browser in the instructions below to illustrate how to access S3 Compatible Storage

Setting up S3 Browser

First, you’ll need to access your Object API Info, just follow the steps below.

Step One: In Cloud Control, select the Object Storage tab

Object Storage Location Image

Step Two: Press the Object API Info button to view your details.

object api info cloud portal web hosting backups

This will provide you with your Access Key, Secret Key and API Endpoint, as seen below:

object api info shared web hosting backups

Once setup, press Add New Account. You can name the account whatever you would like to name it. In the example below, it’s labeled Test Backups.

  • Account Type: Select S3 Compatible Storage from the drop down menu
  • REST Endpoint: This will be your API Endpoint that you received from your Object API Info
  • Access Key: This will be your Access Key, from your Object API Info
  • Secret Access Key: This will be your Secret Key, from your Object API Info

From there, you can select Add New Account and you’ll be taken to a panel that looks similar to the one below:

Your Shared Cloud Backups will be in the bucket labeled Backup_[ID]. In the right panel, you’ll find the directories Restic uses for full computer backups.

You can then download the backup, delete the backup or upload new content if you wish.

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