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Ordering Web Hosting Cloud Backups

Cloud Backups are an addon for your server that can create a copy of the essential files on your server, excluding some directories. Such as the /tmp directory and base system files that would reinstall automatically on a new OS.

Hostwinds' Backups service creates a restic based backup stored externally from the server in our Cloud Control Portal, in a custom Object Storage device. Cloud backups are purchased individually for each plan. Hostwinds does not offer a single addon purchase for multiple hosting plans.

You can easily differentiate between all backups for your services due to custom names for each backup.

Hostwinds provides two routes of purchase for ordering Cloud Backups. We will outline each of them separately, but the addon service is the same no matter the path you take to purchase them.

Ordering at Purchase

Backups can be added when you purchase a hosting plan from Hostwinds. For most services, they are active by default, and you can disable them when you are finalizing your purchase. Still, we always recommend that Backups are made for services to safeguard against the risk of data loss.

If you are purchasing a hosting plan for the first time or adding a new hosting plan to your account, you will see a Cloud Backups checkbox in the Addon section of the purchase page. Make sure this is checked to ensure you have added backups to your hosting plan.

Ordering After Purchase

If you already have a hosting plan, you can add cloud backups to it at any time you choose.

Note: To continue through the steps outlined in this section, you must log in to the Hostwinds Client Area. The following segments of our documentation will show you how to order, purchase and activate backups to any of your plans.

Purchasing Backups from your Client Portal

Our Client Area provides several paths to purchase cloud backup services. However, for this article's purpose, we will buy an addon for this segment and attach it to a service through the Client Area. Your Client Area home page provides a quick overview of your services in the YOUR ACTIVE PRODUCTS/SERVICES table. From this page, you have several paths available to take to add cloud backups to your current services.

Hostwinds provides two specific ways of purchasing cloud backups. The first is to use our service purchasing page, which shows a complete list of services available for you to purchase. You can get to this page from your home page in three different ways.

  1. Click on the Order New Services link in the Shortcuts dropdown on the left side of the dashboard.
  2. Click on the Services dropdown in the Client Area menu at the top of the dashboard and click the View Available Addons. Note: The Order new Services link sends you to the same page but different services.
  3. Click the Services dropdown in the Client Area menu at the top of the dashboard and click on the My Services link. From here, the Actions dropdown on the left side of the dashboard contains a View Available Addons link.

Each of these paths brings you to the Product Addons section of the service purchasing page. From here, Hostwinds shows the addons that are relevant to your current services. You can browse through the available addons by scrolling down through the page and look for Cloud Backups. To add one to your account, choose the service you want to attach to via the dropdown and click on the green Purchase & Activate button. We will then bring you to the final stage to enter payment information and then pay to activate the addon.

The second path you can choose an Addon is to add them to a specific service by ordering it through the dashboard.

  1. Click on the service within your YOUR ACTIVE PRODUCTS/SERVICES table.
  2. The Services dropdown in the Client Area menu contains the My Services link to give you an overview of all services you have purchased, whether active or not. Clicking on a service in the MY PRODUCTS & SERVICES table puts you on that specific service page to buy and activate an Addon.

Upon entering a specific service's management page, look for the Addons & Extras section of the dashboard. A dropdown in this area shows the Addons only available to this particular service in which you will find cloud backups. Next, select the addon you want and click the green Purchase & Activate button. Hostwinds will then bring you to the final stage to enter payment information and then pay to activate the cloud backups services.