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What is Anniversary Billing?

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Anniversary Billing is where the due date of all newly purchased products is set to match the same day of the month that you had first become a Hostwinds client.

This means that all newly purchased services will have their first invoice prorated so they will have that Anniversary Date as their recurring due date.

Does this mean I will pay twice for the same service?

Absolutely not, you will only ever pay for the time that you are invoiced for, in this instance, you would have an invoice that would likely be for less than a full billing cycle, and only be charged for the dates listed on it.

For example, let’s say you were to have become a client on the 1st of September and then bought a newer service on October 30th, that first invoice would only pay for the 30th through 31st so the service could be due on the 1st of the next month and match your recurring due date.

Will all my services be set to Anniversary Billing?

No, things like Domains, SSLs, or services purchased prior to September 2017 would be billed based on the day they were first ordered. This is because, with Domains and SSLs,  it is not possible to purchase them for less or more than the time frame we offer them for.