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Invoices for Hourly Services

Hostwinds provides multiple services billed by each hour of use, and each of these hourly services tallies individually. We present condensed hourly invoices for quick review showing the usage and cost for the previous month of hourly services used.

How Invoices Generate

Invoices generated by hourly services are both due for payment and charged immediately if a payment profile is available.

If no payment profile is available, users have until the 3rd day of the month that the invoice is generated to pay the invoice. If the payment on an hourly invoice is still delinquent past the 3rd day of the month, all services that Hostwinds provides on this invoice will become suspended until the outstanding payment is processed.

If invoices are still unpaid by the 10th day of the month generated, the current hourly services provided by Hostwinds terminate, and this will result in loss of data and the potential to affect the user's server in multiple ways. Therefore, Hostwinds highly recommends that users set up multiple payment profiles to avoid any complications in their services.

Examples of hourly services billed are as follows:

  • Volumes
  • Object Storage
  • Backups
  • Snapshots (Images)

Each service will show on the generated invoice individually with a tally of time used, price, and the total should all three hourly services be in use. If you need further help setting up multiple payment options, please refer to the payment options article in our product documentation or open a ticket with our frontline agents.

Invoice Breakdown

An invoice contains a large amount of information that we will break down below:

Invoiced to: This provides the name, address, and business name of the person that Hostwinds has created an invoice for.

Pay to: Hostwinds address.

Invoice: This shows the total due, the due date of the invoice, and the invoice number.

Status: Provides the status of this invoice.

Payment Method: The payment method that Hostwinds used to charge the invoice if it is paid.

Invoice Items: This table presents the services in their entirety that are going to be charged on the invoice. For each service charged, the dates of use that it is being charged for are displayed. The cost of each service is provided as well as a subtotal, any credit that is applied to the invoice and the Sum total of the full charge. If the invoice has been charged, then it will show a transaction date below as well as the Gateway (payment service), transaction ID for reference, and again the full amount charged. The Balance of the invoice will display the amount still due if there is any.

Note: The bottom right of the invoice will always contain a Print and Download button. Clicking on either of these is an excellent way to hold records of all invoices should you need them.

Hostwinds provides two main paths to viewing your Invoices, either by email or through our Client Area, which we will go through below.

View Your Invoices from the Client Area

Note: To view and interact with an Invoice, you must log in to the Hostwinds' Client Area. Continue with the steps as an existing client from your Client Area home page.

From your Client Area Dashboard, click on the Billing dropdown link and select the My Invoices link at the top of the dropdown. The My Invoices page provides you with four points of Invoice management:

  1. My Invoice Table: View, filter, search and select all your invoices from. You can filter by clicking on the arrows next to the Invoice #, Invoice Date, Due Date, Total, and Status of your invoices. Clicking on the table instance will open a new tab showing the specific invoice.
  2. Invoices Dropdown: The section at the top-left of the My Invoices dashboard. If you have any due invoices that must be paid, the number of invoices and the amount owed to all of them will populate here. By Clicking on the green Pay All button, you will be sent to the Mass Payment page. On this page, all of your outstanding invoices and the total amount due will appear. A mass payment option appears at the bottom of the dashboard, and you may choose from the Payment Method dropdown. Clicking the green Make Payment button once you've selected your payment method pays the total amount due for all invoices displayed.
  3. Status Dropdown: Clicking on any of the statuses here filters the My Invoices table to the right. In addition, it displays the number of invoices per status to the right of the status type.
  4. Billing Dropdown: The dropdown is a condensed version of the billing dropdown at the top of the dashboard menu, allowing you to move quickly through Hostwinds billing options.