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Register a Domain with Hostwinds

Domains are essential to having your sites and services be unique yet easily memorable. This guide goes over how to register a new domain through Hostwinds.

Note: To add and register a domain with Hostwinds, you must log in to our Client Area. From there, click on the Domains dropdown link and then click the Register a New Domain link to start the process.

You are presented with a search bar to enter in the domain of your choice. Enter the domain name you want to register, along with the TLD (.com, .net, .info, .biz, .family, etc.), and add it to your cart. Please note that if the domain is in use, we will suggest alternate domain names that could work in their stead.

If the domain is available, a green Add to Cart button will generate under the Search bar, and clicking the button will add it to your cart for purchase.

Note: If you have multiple domains you would like to register, you can add these by searching and adding additional domains using the same process. When you have found all the domains you would like to register, click the Checkout Button to configure your domains.

Once you have added all the domains you need to the cart, click on the green Checkout button.

Next, we will provide the option to get ID Protection (sometimes called WhoisGuard or Domain Privacy) by checking the box for each domain. Checking this box will add ID Protection to the order, hiding your personal information from potentially dangerous use. Hostwinds highly recommends this protection.

In addition, we offer the ability to enter the nameservers from here. If you do have them ready, you can input them now. If you do not have any, then Hostwinds automatically sets you up with nameservers.

Next, go to the checkout page. We recommend that you ensure your account details are accurate on the checkout page to avoid confusion later. Also, on the checkout page, set the registrant contact details for your domain. You can either use your existing Hostwinds account details or provide new contact details.

You should check the items and amount details for your order at the bottom of the checkout page. Next, read and agree to the Terms of Service checkbox, and click Complete Order.

Once done, it can take 24-48 hours to register the domain, especially if it is the first domain on your account, but typically will take much less time.

Note: ICANN RAA regulations do require the following valid contact information to register a new domain:

  • The Registrant's full name
  • The Registrant's full address, including street number and street name
  • The City
  • The State/Region
  • The zip/postal code
  • The Registrant's phone number

We will not be able to register the domain if this information is not present.