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Applying Firewall Profiles to an Instance

To make any of the changes outlined here, you must log in to the Client Area.

Firewall Management

Hover over the Cloud Control dropdown and click the Cloud Portal Link.

Click the Servers dropdown and click the My Servers link.

Select the server that you wish to apply your FireWall(s). If you do not have any servers, you cannot attach a FireWall to them, and you will need to create a Server.
Click on the Firewall Profile tab, and on the right side of the profile, click the Change button.

Adding Firewall Profiles

Click on the Create button dropdown to create a new firewall. In addition, the Create Firewall button will start the same process.

A pop-up prompt will appear and request the profile's name as well as a short description of the FireWall you wish to create. After both the name and description are entered, click Create Firewall.

Once done, click the Create Firewall button. Your new Security Profile will be displayed. The name is a combination of a unique identifier and your chosen name.

Your new Security Profile displays in your FireWall Profiles List.

Select the Security Group you wish to apply to your instance.

Once selected, press the Confirm button to confirm the security group change.

Note: The default security group is the hwdefault. This security group allows everything. As without this group, no traffic would be allowed to the instance from any direction.

Written by Hostwinds  /  January 6, 2021

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