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Create a Volume with a Snapshot

Volumes and Snapshots

Volumes are drives with a single file system in the same way that a C drive on a Microsoft device holds its OS. A snapshot is a captured point in time containing all the data and processes from a server, including its OS.

Note: To make full use of this article, you must log in to the Hostwinds Client Area. Additionally, this article outlines an essential process in your Cloud Control portal. To access your Cloud Control portal, click on the Cloud Control dropdown on the top of the Client portal dashboard menu and click on the Cloud Portal link.

Creating A Volume With Your Snapshot

Start in the Cloud Control area. From here, move to the top menu, click on the Storage dropdown link and click on the Snapshots link to move to the Snapshots page. From here, you can create a snapshot volume and incorporate it as a drive within the same server or a separate server.

Choose the snapshot from the table you would like to turn into a volume. On the right hand of the table, click the Actions dropdown link and click the Create Volume link from the dropdown.

A pop-up prompt will display that will ask for the volume's description. The description will help you to differentiate between any volumes in the future. The volume will take a moment to be created, and you can view its status from the Volumes page by clicking on the Storage dropdown link and selecting the Volumes link within.