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Delete a Snapshot

It is important to note that when a Snapshot is deleted it will not be retrievable. If you want to keep this snapshot for later you should download it before deletion

Note: To make full use of this article and delete a snapshot, you must log in to the Hostwinds Client Area. Additionally, this article outlines an essential process in your Cloud Control portal. To access your Cloud Control portal, click on the Cloud Control dropdown on the top of the Client portal dashboard menu and click on the Cloud Portal link.

Deleting A Snapshot

Start in the Cloud Control area. From here, move to the top menu, click on the Storage dropdown link and click on the Snapshots link to move to the Snapshots page. From here, click the Actions dropdown link on the snapshot you would like to delete and click on the Delete link to delete the snapshot. You must click on the Confirm button for the complete deletion of your snapshot.