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How to Take a Snapshot

What is a Snapshot?

A Snapshot is a server's customized image that is usable with Hostwinds servers. Taken Snapshots will capture specific moments of your server with all the data contained. And you can use these Snapshots for a new server instance, a copy of an existing server, to help get multiple servers deployed quickly.

How to take a Snapshot

To make full use of this article, you must log in to the Client Area and navigate to the Cloud Control Portal. In the Cloud Control area dashboard, select the server you wish to create a snapshot of.

Note: The instance MUST be powered down to avoid any corruption and changes while taking the snapshot. To do so, select the server you wish to make a snapshot of, and open the advanced menu. Then find and click the Shutdown button to make it ready to create a snapshot. Note that you can also use the blue Bulk Actions dropdown button to do this.

Once your instance is powered off, you can safely create a snapshot from the Actions drop-down and select Snapshot Server at the bottom of the dropdown. A pop-up window will appear for confirmation and allowing you to name your snapshot.

Next, click on the Storage dropdown link from the Cloud Control menu at the top of the dashboard, and click on the Snapshot link. A pop-up prompt will appear. Choose the server that you have just shut down from the dropdown list in the prompt and click the green Confirm button to start the process. This may take a few moments to complete.

Once your snapshot completes, your server will not automatically turn back on. Instead, you will need to come to this exact location and select the Boot option. Note the Boot button replaces the shutdown button when ready.

Note: As your server is taking a snapshot, it will periodically display its currently taking actions during the process. You will see the image Pending Upload most of the time until the snapshot is 100% complete. It is essential to note your instance will not be accessible until this is complete.

Taking A Snapshot From a Specific Server's Management Page

As above, make sure that your instance is powered off so you can safely create a snapshot.

Once you've done this, click on the blue Actions dropdown button and select Snapshot Server at the bottom of the dropdown to begin the process. In the Cloud Portal and on your table of Cloud Servers, click on the Storage drop-down and select the Snapshots option.

A pop-up prompt appears, and you are given a text field to name your snapshot. Choose your name and click the green Confirm button to start the process. This may take a few moments to complete.