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Restoring from a Snapshot

There may be a need to restore your server if something has happened during new developments. In addition, you may want to have multiple servers running the same tasks. Either way, Hostwinds makes it extremely easy to reinstall or install a snapshot on any of your servers. Continue onwards to learn how to do so.

Restoring from a Snapshot

Note: To fully use this article and restore a server from a snapshot, you must log in to the Hostwinds Client Area. Additionally, this article outlines an essential process in your Cloud Control portal. To access your Cloud Control portal, click on the Cloud Control dropdown on the top of the Client portal dashboard menu and click on the Cloud Portal link.

To restore a server from a snapshot image, move to your Cloud Control area dashboard or click on the Servers dropdown link and click the My Servers link to move to the My servers page. From there, a table displays all the servers you currently have. To continue, find the server you wish to restore.

To start the process, click on the Actions dropdown link for the server you wish to restore and click the Reinstall link. A pop-up prompt will then appear showing the name of the server you are currently working on, and it will provide a choice of reinstall options in a menu. Click on the Snapshots link to view a list of the snapshots you can use. When you've found the Snapshot to use, click on the Snapshot option and then click the green Confirm button.

Restoring from a snapshot may take a few moments. Hostwinds dashboard will alert you of the status of the reinstall.