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Hostwinds Monitoring Management

To make any of the changes outlined here, you must log in to the Client Area.

How the Hostwinds Monitoring Service Works

You can purchase Hostwinds' Monitoring services from multiple avenues. However, every purchase ONLY applies to one domain and ONLY one type of check.

When enabled, by default, ping checks are created. These pings notify Hostwinds technical support should the ping ever fail for the chosen domain. Suppose you want to run multiple checks for the same domain or other domains. In that case, it requires additional monitoring services/checks to be purchased. Depending on the check set-up, monitoring will notify both you and the Hostwinds technical support team proactively via an automatic ticket response should the monitoring check ever fail.

You can review and edit your monitoring service from the Cloud Control portal on the Monitoring page at any time. However, it is suggested to be reviewed upon purchase to ensure it is set up correctly.

Managing your Monitoring Checks

Hostwinds allows clients the ability to create and control their Monitoring Service from within their Client Portal. Any account with an active monitoring service receives alerts for failures. In addition, monitoring services will automatically create a technical support ticket on the customer's behalf.

How the Hostwinds Monitoring Service Works

Click on the Cloud Control dropdown and click on the Monitoring link.

Here you can review any scheduled checks that have been created for your monitoring service. For example, by default, any purchased monitoring service will include a ping test. To add a check, click the Add Check button. To edit an upcoming monitoring check, click the edit check link.

Adding or editing a check will navigate you to a separate page with options to customize your monitoring check.

Among the available options are:

Check Name: This can be anything you wish. It is simply a friendly name for the check you have created. Hostname or IP Address to check: This can either be a domain you wish to have reviewed or an IP address you want to have inspected.

Check Type:

  • HTTP
  • SMTP
  • IMAP
  • SMTP
  • SSL
  • POP3
  • PING
  • DNS
  • HTTP Custom Script
  • HTTPS Custom Script
  • DNS Blacklist
  • Custom TCP Port

This is optional and would be a message within your ticket / alert subject whenever your monitoring check alerts an outage.

Custom Message: to include in the subject when a recovery alert is sent (optional)

  • This is optional and would be a message within your ticket/alert whenever your monitoring check alerts to the recovery of services.
  • Timeout in seconds: (How long to wait for a response): Choose between 1 and 30 seconds for a timeout period (how long of an outage, missed ping) before the alert is triggered. Hostwinds recommends using a period above 2-3 seconds to prevent false positives.

Retries: The number of times the alert will retry the check before submitting a warning of an outage.

  • Select which notification list to use in the event of a failure: If you have set up a notification list of contacts to contact in the event of failure, this is where you would set the list selection.

Open a support ticket in the event of failure:

You absolutely should select yes, if you wish for our support staff to resolve the issue proactively. Setting to yes will ensure that a failed check will automatically open a ticket for your client account, allowing our support staff to resolve the issue without your need to submit the ticket. Next, select the Save option to continue editing a check or purchasing a new one. Subsequently, you can select cancel too.

Written by Hostwinds  /  January 5, 2021

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