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Ordering a Hostwinds Monitoring Service

What is the Hostwinds Monitoring Service?

Hostwinds Monitoring services provide an extra layer of stability to your server by using consistent checks and tests to your infrastructure. The system constantly watches servers for any problems that may occur, such as your service not loading correctly, going offline, etc.

Specifically, we check these aspects of your server:

  • Server Hardware
  • Operating systems
  • Applications running on the operating systems
  • Network traffic
  • Memory and disk utilization
  • CPU utilization

We call these checks pings. When enabled, monitoring pings your service consistently to ensure that it's active and running smoothly. If the ping fails, then a ticket is created automatically and sent to our Support team, who immediately get to work on solving the issue. In addition, you can choose to set it up to notify yourself of any ping failures in the configuration. In addition, we provide access to many advanced features, from immediate alerts to detailed reports, and we keep you aware of your service status at all times.

  • We Monitor your Service 24/7
  • A support ticket is automatically opened on your behalf if your service goes offline or does not load correctly.

Enterprise System Monitoring: Our Enterprise System Monitoring is a more robust version of our standard monitoring addon. It is primarily available for cloud-server-only services where the scale and complexity of tasks rise significantly. As such, Hostwinds guarantees a swift resolution in an expedited manner.

  • All System Services Monitored
  • 60 Second Response Time
  • 1 Hour Guaranteed Resolution Time

Purchasing the Monitoring Service

Purchasing in new Plans

There are several ways someone can purchase a Monitoring Service, and the first is during the purchase of a new plan. In the Package Information section at check out, your cart shows the monitoring Addon as an available option if it is available for your service. Click the checkbox to add the service at this time.

Purchase in the Client area

Suppose you own a Hostwinds product without monitoring and wish to add the service later. In that case, we provide the ability to purchase our monitoring services in our web portal.

Note: To make any purchase outlined in this section, you must log in to the Hostwinds Client Area. The following segments of our documentation will show you how to order, purchase and activate the monitoring service to any of your applicable plans.

Your Client Area home page provides a quick overview of your services in the YOUR ACTIVE PRODUCTS/SERVICES table. From this page, you have two immediate paths available to take to add monitoring to any of your current services.

The first is to use our service purchasing page, which shows a complete list of services available for you to purchase. You can get to this page from your home page in three different ways.

  1. Click on the Order New Services link in the Shortcuts dropdown on the left side of the dashboard.
  2. Click on the Services dropdown in the Client Area menu at the top of the dashboard and click the View Available Addons. Note: The Order new Services link sends you to the same page but different services.
  3. Click the Services dropdown in the Client Area menu at the top of the dashboard and click on the My Services link. From here, the Actions dropdown on the left side of the dashboard contains a View Available Addons link.

Each of these paths brings you to the Product Addons section of the service purchasing page. From here, Hostwinds shows the Addons that are relevant to your current services. Look for Hostwinds Monitoring or Enterprise System Monitoring addons depending on your service. To add it to your account, choose the service you want to attach to via the dropdown and click on the green Purchase & Activate button. We will then bring you to the final stage to enter payment information and then pay to activate the monitoring service.

The second path you can choose to add monitoring services is to add them to a specific service by ordering it through the dashboard.

  1. Click on the service within your YOUR ACTIVE PRODUCTS/SERVICES table.
  2. The Services dropdown in the Client Area menu contains the My Services link to give you an overview of all services you have purchased, whether active or not. Clicking on a service in the MY PRODUCTS & SERVICES table puts you on that specific service page to buy and activate monitoring.

Upon entering a specific service's management page, look for the Addons & Extras section of the dashboard. A dropdown in this area shows monitoring only if it is available to this particular service. Next, select the monitoring service option and click the green Purchase & Activate button. Hostwinds will then bring you to the final stage to enter payment information and then pay to activate the addon.

Pricing and Charge Details

Monitoring can be chosen for either Shared Hosting packages or Cloud and Dedicated Server Hosting packages. Purchased monitoring addons are offered one (1) check per month performed on the selected product. Additional monitoring checks are performed at additional cost. Please note that the checks are monitored and performed 24/7.