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Ordering a Hostwinds Monitoring Service

Log in to the Client Area

Hostwinds allows clients the ability to purchase our monitoring services from within their web portal.

There are several ways someone can purchase Hostwinds Monitoring Service.

The first way is by selecting any of our products, like Shared Hostwinds, from our landing pages.

After ordering a product, your cart will have our Monitoring Add-on as an available option. Select to add the service at this time if you wish.

If you own a Hostwinds product without monitoring and wish to add the service at a later date, head back to your Client Area.

From the available list of dropdowns toward the top of the page, select Services.

From the available options under Services, select Order new Services.

On the left-hand side, under Categories, find and select Product Addons.

Among the following options, there will be Hostwinds Monitoring to purchase. Please select the service you would like it applied to and select Purchase and Activate.

Written by Hostwinds  /  January 5, 2021

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