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Setting Up an S3 Browser

First, you'll need to access your Object API Info. Just follow the steps below.

Log in to the Client Area.

Click the Storage drop-down and Click the Object Storage Link.

It will take you to the Object Storage page, where you can begin creating Backups.

Press the Object API Info button to view your details. This will provide you with your Access Key, Secret Key, and API Endpoint, as seen below:

Once set up, click the Add New Account link.

Account Type: Select S3 Compatible Storage from the drop-down menu.

REST Endpoint: This will be the API Endpoint that you received from your Object API. Info

Access Key: This will be your Access Key from your Object API Info.

Secret Access Key: This will be your Secret Key from your Object API Info.

From there, you can select Add New Account, and it will take you to a panel that looks similar to the one below:

Your Shared Cloud Backups will be in the bucket labeled shared_backups. You'll find your available cPanel usernames, and double-clicking the folder with your username will show your available backups in the right panel.

You can then download the backup, delete the backup, or upload new content if you wish.

Accessing Public Backups

Note that the Public Backups Method is generally not advised, because as the name implies, the link would be public.

To make a link public, select the checkbox under the "Public" column in your "Object Storage" tab in the Cloud Control portal.

From there, it would take you to a directory-styled structure where you can copy the path into a browser and then append the path to the end of your Public Link URL. This
would allow you to download the file(s) directly

Alternatively, you can use software such as S3 Browser to securely access the backed-up data in a format similar to FTP.
It is important to note that Hostwinds has no affiliation with the S3 Browser. However, we will use the S3 Browser in the instructions below to illustrate how to access S3 Compatible Storage.

Written by Hostwinds  /  January 5, 2021

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